Top 7 Signs You Need a New Coffee Maker

How to Choose a Coffee Maker

how to choose a coffee makerDid you know one-third of Americans spend more on coffee than they do on investing for retirement? That may be because plenty of Americans see no problem with spending $5+ on just one 16oz cup from their local coffee shop.

You don’t have to spend $1,100+ per year to get your daily coffee fix. Today, we’re breaking down the different types of coffee makers available that will let you get that caffeinated buzz at home. Keep reading to learn which coffee maker is right for you.

Coffee Brewer or Drip Coffee Maker

A simple coffee brewer is by far the most popular coffee maker. When most people say they’re going to “make a pot of coffee,” they’re referring to a drip coffee maker.

These are the basic coffee pots you see in movies. To brew, simply pour water to the brewer’s fill line, load coffee grounds into the filter, and turn it on to brew. Let the empty coffee pot catch the drips as the water boils. The coffee maker will turn off automatically.

Here are the best qualities of a drip coffee maker.They’re incredibly simple to use. It’s hard to make a bad pot of coffee with this device. Anyone can fill it with water, fill the filter with grounds, and press a button. It does all the work for you.They’re cheap to buy and even cheaper to maintain.

The average drip coffee machine is around $20-$50 and lasts for years. You can use any coffee grounds you like. You also have the option of paper filters or buying a coffee maker that comes built in with a reusable plastic and metal filter. They make a whole pot of coffee at once. This is why drip coffee makers are so often seen in office break rooms, diners, and family kitchens.

French Press

A French Press is one of the oldest, most traditional ways to make coffee. It’s also the least expensive option out there. French presses can come in a variety of sizes, but they all use the same low-tech components. At first glance, you might think it’s just a pot to hold coffee and not a coffee maker at all.

All you need to make coffee with a french press is coffee grounds and boiling water. To brew, pull the metal coffee filter to the top of the French press lid. Put a few scoops of your favorite ground coffee into the bottom of the french press, and add hot water. You can watch your coffee grounds steep in the clear, glass jar.

When the coffee is strong enough to your liking, simply press down the metal filter attached to the lid to push all the grounds to the bottom, and pour. Easy as that!

The best things about using a french press:
It doesn’t use any paper filters or electricity. This makes the French press the cheapest possible option for making coffee every day. You can buy the device itself for as little as $10.

Easy to use, and easy to make whatever strength coffee you want.You have the option of making any amount of coffee you want each time you brew. And since they’re so cheap, it’s easy to buy multiple french presses in different sizes-one for single servings and another for large pots of coffee.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Most people refer to single serve coffee makers as Keurig machines, after the brand that popularized them recently. Whether you want to call it a single serve machine, Keurig, coffee pod or K-cup machine, it doesn’t matter. These are a sleek, modern, ultra-convenient way to make coffee every day.

First, fill the machine with cold water to the fill line. Open the top, load your desired single serve coffee pod,* and close the top again. Press the top button until you’ve set the machine to fill the cup size you’d like. That’s it! This machine boils the water for you and perfectly fills your cup before turning off automatically.

To clean up, simply take the used pod out of the top of the machine and toss it in the trash. No mess, no fuss.

Single serve coffee makers can’t use filters or plain coffee grounds. They can only brew pre-packaged, one use “coffee pods” or “K-cups” sold separately for this type of device. You can, however, pay extra for a few re-loadable coffee pods that you can fill with your own coffee grounds.

The best part about using a single serve K-cup machine might be the endless options of pods available. Since it doesn’t need to use plain coffee grounds, you can buy pods that make a perfect single serving of any flavor latte, tea, or other hot beverage. The options are endless.

Espresso Machine

If plain old drip coffee doesn’t do it for you anymore, consider getting your one espresso machine. After the single serve coffee pod maker, espresso machines are the most expensive at-home coffee maker. But if you’re used to spending anywhere from $5-$7 per day for drinks with high-quality shots of espresso, you already know it’s worth the one-time investment.

To make your own espresso, fill one of the metal scoops with evenly packed and finely ground coffee. You secure the metal scoop/handle firmly in its place on the machine. Fill the machine with cold water to the fill line, and set it to one or two shots of espresso.

Most espresso machines allow you to make multiple shots at once and come with a handy milk steamer on the side. The best part of owning your own espresso maker:
You save massively on otherwise expensive espresso shots. After an initial investment in your own espresso maker, the only other expense is buying your own espresso grounds.

Tins of espresso grounds are available for as little as $4 and last for about a month of daily use. Keep in mind: You’ll have to learn to use the device and learn how to mix your own favorite lattes, cappuccinos, etc. There’s a reason baristas charge so much per cup in your local cafe.

The milk steamer takes a lot of practice. Be prepared to make a mess if you’ve never made your own espresso drinks before. Even seasoned baristas mess up steaming milk sometimes.

You can’t make plain coffee with this machine. It’s espresso or bust!

Find The Perfect Coffee Maker For You Today

So, have you heard a coffee maker on this list calling your name? If you still need help deciding which machine is best for you, keep checking out our website. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest in great coffee making.